Press for Book 01: Chapter 02

“The tune follows a type of recitative introduced by piano, and punctuated with  noise and static in the mix. The work as a whole is dark, gritty, and dank in mood, but not in quality.  I envision a swirling of dark mist on a rainy, muddy evening.” — Composer’s Toolbox

“a dark and tranquil piece that features various sound fx, a lonesome piano track, and a layered female voice that is both sweet and soft as well as melancholic and haunting.” —It’s Not Records

“It’s a labor of passion. Have a go.” — Come Here Floyd

Press for Book 01: Chapter 01

“[M]arked by a sense of weight and poignancy, the melancholic-yet-affirming instrumentation almost conjuring The Antlers’ Hospice… Ultimately, this sense of awe is what marks the first chapter, and the ambition to explore it so profoundly and patiently seems to be Mending’s unique talent.” – Various Small Flames

“Gorgeous piano melodies and aching drones underscore a sweeping family drama … the drone-folk equivalent of In Search of Lost Time.” – Tome to the Weather Machine

“[B]eautiful combination of sounds and soundscapes, of life yet un-introduced, known, or which we cannot visit yet. The dreamy feel of the atmospheres they create are delectable and juicy.” – Come Here Floyd